A Speed Run is a playthrough of a game with the intention of completing it in the shortest amount of time possible. Below is the list of current World Records for each Category of each Pokemon title.

Current RTA/SS Speed Run Records for the Pokemon SeriesEdit

Game Time Record Holder Date Category
 Red/Blue 01:53 Werster Any%
Yellow 01:55 Werster Any%(Glitchess)
Yellow 00:00 N/A Any%(Glitched)
Gold/Silver 3:24 5upamayne/Werster Any%
Crystal 3:24 Werster Any%
FireRed/LeafGreen 2:07:11 Werster Any%
FireRed/LeafGreen 3:43 Werster Round 2
Ruby/Sapphire 2:13:32 Werster Any%
Emerald 2:43:24 Werster Any%
Diamond/Pearl 5:16 Frogsama Any%
Platinum 4:41 MoneyHypeMike Any%
HeartGold/SoulSilver 4:13 Werster Any%
HeartGold/SoulSilver 2:56:06 Eekcast Glitched (RTA)
Black/White 3:44 Vulajin Any%
Black2/White2 3:37 Sinstar20 Any%

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